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Rockin' At The Ritz All-Dayer


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Rockin’ at the Ritz — Experience 7 of the World’s Wildest Rockin' Bands Live! Are you ready for 12 hours of non-stop madness? Rockabilly Night LIVE has lined up 7 of the greatest Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll acts in the business right now. From Nashville to Moscow, and from the East Midlands to sunny California or the south of France, we have booked the hottest acts around to deliver a full day and night of blistering guitar licks, thumpin’ slap bass and earth shattering drum beats. It’s time to dust off your dancing shoes and join us for one of the most exciting events of the year! In addition to an unforgettable lineup of great music, there will be amazing stalls to explorer between the acts and great food available all day - of course the bar will also be offering everything you need to stay hydrated! The Planet Rockers (USA) These legendary Nashville Rock’n’Rollers will give their first performance in the UK since 2013! Their brand of “100% Tennessee Rock’n’Roll” has gained as much acclaim around the World as it has in Nashville. Now the original lineup that recorded the bands 1991 debut album is reunited to rock the Ritz with their pure, undiluted Rockabilly and no-nonsense stage show. The Sparks Boys (RUS) The Ritz presents an exclusively one-of show with one of Russia’s greatest Rock’n’Roll acts; The Sparks Boys! Jake Calypso & his Red Hot (FR) When taking about the most seasoned Rockers on the European Rockabilly scene, Jake Calypso’s name has to be mentioned. He started playing Rock’n’Roll in 1977 — when he was just 13 years old! And has since stared in and toured with bands like Mystery Train and Hot Chicken. The DeadShots (ENG) If you think Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll are dead genres from the 1950s, then you haven’t heard the wild, 21st century Rockabilly hailing from The DeadShots Tower, North Worcestershire! The Desperados (USA) These four troublemakers from Santa Ana, California, have quickly become famous for their wild and uncontrollable stage act. Their wild, rebellious attitude (and tendency to break as many rules as humanly possibly) is literally in their blood. Barny and The Rhythm All Stars (FR) If you were to describe the perfect Rockabilly band, where would you begin? Probably with the tested and proven formula of rhythm guitar, lead guitar, upright bass and drums. Relentless (ENG) These guys would be the trio form hell, if their pure ass-kicking Rockabilly, wasn’t so wild that even the devil himself do not dare listen to it!

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