Rockin' Resort #1


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After 14 years of Rockin' at the Drive-in Barn it was time for something new. Rockin' Resort takes place inside a hotel in Uden, the Netherlands. Uden is situated between Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Den Bosch. Therefor really central for a lot of Rockin' people. The team behind Rockin' Resort are Anton and Tony from the Drive in Barn team + Mike from Rockabilly Roundup + The Hi-Tombs. In the background we also have a female treasurer Manon. The following bands are already booked for the main hall : Freddy Velas and the SilverTones , Alex & The Diamond Hands , Josh Sorheim , A Band Called Twang , The Surfaders and Johnny Flame and the Dragons. DJ's booked for the Record Hop room: DJ Daz , DJ Silvia , DJ Mike , DJ Danny Brown and D Steve Stack of Wax. The team behind this project are Michel and Darren. There are a lot more plans for the future. Details about everything will be announced later.

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