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Dr. Bontempi
Dr. Bontempi

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Frenetically celebrated at festivals in the USA and England: what started as a small side project has blossomed into an insider tip for folk fans and friends of old country & western music from all over the world! No wonder, because - WHERE can you still hear something like that nowadays, let alone see it live and in color? The Snake Oil Company of Dr. Bontempi (known among other things as the lead singer of MONTESAS) serves authentic, wild, old dance music, snappy hillbilly blues stomp and ecstatic western swing from the very first cabin - with doghouse bass, percussion guitar, fiddle, Hawaiian guitar, electric guitar and choir singing - and serves their whole own versions of old hits from the Wild West of the 30s to 50s. if dr Bontempi's SNAKE OIL Company plays for the dance, swings and sways, rocks and sways like in a saloon from the black and white western films. And as if that weren't enough, the snake oil company appears in proper style in pointy boots, suit trousers and western shirts. As a little extra treat, you can ask Dr. You can even take Bontempi's original snake oil home with you, but - BE CAREFUL! Just one drop a day! Ira Lee - rhythm guitar & vocals Franny Lee - Fiddle Björn Kunze - double bass Marcel Bontempi - Electric Guitar & Vocals

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