Reval Rockabilly Weekender vol.2

Reval Rockabilly Weekender vol.2 poster
Reval Rockabilly Weekender vol.2 poster

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Reval Rockabilly Weekender vol.2 is an international 50's Rock-n-Roll style festival. Friday - 12.05.2023 19.00 - doors open - accompanied by DJ Mac (FIN). 19.45 - Jack Baymoore (SWE) and the Tri-Tones (EST) 21.15 - The Barnshakers (FIN) 22.30 - Ivo Linna and the Boogie Company feat. Ülar Kirsipuu (EST) -Tribute to Robert Gordon 23.30 - Darrel Higham and the Enforcers (U.K.) Covers special 00.30 - 02.00 DJ Mac (FIN) and DJ Rockin' Bandit (Tartu) Saturday - 13.05.2023 18.00 - doors open, and the preliminary round of Rock-N-Roll dances take place DJ Mac(Fin) and DJ Rockin Bandit (EST) spin the records 19.15 - The Rockin Lady and the Rivertown Boys (Est) featuring Margus Jürisson (Est) 20.30 - semi-final of Rock-N-Roll dances accompanied by DJs 21.15 - Boogie Company feat Ülari Kirsipuu (Est) 22.15 - Rock-N-Roll dance finale accompanied by DJs 22.30 - The Tri-Tones (EST) 23.45 - Darrel Higham and the Enforcers (U.K.) New and Old music from own Albums DJ Mac and DJ Rockin Bandit until 02.00

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