#30 Rockin' Race Jamboree 2023

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If you were in 2023, you already danced on its tables, eroded by hundreds of stories and magical nights. If you still don’t know it, we tell you that by 2024 we will bring you the Paradiso Tent, a new dance floor attached to the Auditorium where you can enjoy an opening concert early every night, followed by hours and hours of constant music (parallel to the Auditorium concerts), with sessions by the best DJs and in a space rarely seen at other festivals. A space where you will live an authentic vintage experience by feeling the warmth and softness of the stage of the huge dance floor, with an ideal sound and lighting to enjoy in a unique atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful decoration in the style of early travelling circuses. From the 20th century, that will envelop you between wood, stained glass, mirrors and velvet. And as if that were not enough, all surrounded by wooden tables and benches in the style of restaurants of the time. And, of course, equipped with the best facilities and security measures: with two own bar counters and new bathrooms, we will add exclusively for the tent this coming year. You already know that one of our priorities is to improve for you every year, which is why we bring it back with continuous dance sessions, leaving the concerts (except the opening one) for the main hall of the Auditorium.

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