Rockabilly Bama Lama 2023

Rockabilly Bama Lama 2023 poster
Rockabilly Bama Lama 2023 poster

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Car / Hot Rods / Low Riders / Motorcycle / Truck Show World-Renowned Bands in Three Days! Bands from the US and Europe are playing homage to the greats; Elvis, Johnny, Patsy, Hank, Jerry, and so many more! ​Rockabilly Pin-Up Pageant with the Rockabilly Pin-Up Queen, Ms Red, White and Blue Patriot, and Silverbilly Queen! Dance Contests and Be A Star Contests featuring the next generation of great performers! ​Merchants Row go boppin', hoppin', and shoppin' for anything from Rockabilly to Rock'n chair. ​Get a thrill on the parade boulevard watching the lowriders, hot rods, cycles and beautiful vintage cars cruise from days gone by and pick your favourites to win in our Hot Rod, Cycle, Vintage Bike and Car Show! ​Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays Nightly! ​Shuffle into the Dew Drop Inn seated dining hall, serving up all the favourites of Elvis, Patsy, Johnny, and Hank. The list goes on and on, just like the menu! ​Don't miss visiting the Rockabilly Sun Records Lounge to shake up some classic retro concoctions. ​SHOUT BAMA LAMA ​This is a family event for all! From the tiniest of boppers to the grandest of grandparents!

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