A-Bombers Old Style Weekend

A-Bombers Old Style Weekend poster
A-Bombers Old Style Weekend poster

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A-BOMBERS OLD STYLE WEEKEND DATE 26-27 of July 2024 This is an all outdoor event for hot rods, kustoms, motorcycles in 30s – 50s American style plus original American cars up to 1956 model. The kustoms, hot rods and bikes can be built in styles ranging from the earliest primitive attempts to the typical American Highschool style late 50s-very early 60s. We have a little harder attitude against old cars with too modern appearance. Like Pro-Street stuff or wide wheels etc… I guess you know. The style of the car or bike is the whole thing here. If you have any doubts in what style your vehicle is built in, please ask somebody who knows. No matter if you come 1000 km or just around the block, no exceptions. Sometimes people really try to sneak in some other way, but we are trying our best to have it in this distinctive style. We have everything in one area and also have the visitor parking inside the site, but separated from the “Old Style” cars and bikes. Same goes with the camping, but notice this: NO VEHICLES allowed on the campingsite. If you cant be more than 5 meters from your car while sleeping, sleep in it ! The camping and cars will be as close as a few hundred meters or less. Some rules! We will NOT let anyone in before 12.OO NOON on Thursday. Not to set up tents or caravans or come earlier to stay. We only rent the complete site for Thursday to Sunday and also work with the build up the days before and can’t run around checking everything. Please respect this. Thank you! There will be live music all three nights, food and drinks, crazy people, fabulous stalls with clothes, records and much, much more… Some great stalls and Wizzzard will be pinstriping along with many others. Theres a camping field, toilets and a few showers. Note that its very simple conditions, but THE TOTAL Rockin Rollin Car and Bike meeting in the WORLD !

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