Hey Diddle Diddle - The Bow Ribbons

Hey Diddle Diddle

The Bow Ribbons

(Unknown, Trans Continental 3001, 1959)

Hey diddle diddle, the cow and the fiddle
I'll jump over the moon
Look overthere, what a sight
He's run away with the spoon
Hey diddle diddle, ask me a riddle
Who could love you more than I
Hoot that horn, he's real gone
Hey diddle diddle he's eatin' his Christmas pie
He's ballin' fast, he's ballin' slow
Hey diddle diddle, watch that man and go
Like Jack and Jill, goin' up the hill
Humpty dumpty sittin' on the wall
I'm gonna fall, off that wall
Hey diddle diddle, will you love me best of all
Hey diddle diddle, will you love me best of all

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