Hey Slim / Hey Jim - Jack Earls

Hey Slim / Hey Jim

Jack Earls

(Jack Earls, SUN, recorded 1955/1956)

Hey Jim, well I tell you man, look who's comin'
Hey Jim, younder comes Slim with my gal
I thought that ol Slim was my pal
Comin' down the street, be-bop-beep, holdin' hands
That's the way a no good woman does her man
Oh yes, they know they let me down
They both thought I was out of town
So many women in this wide-wide world
But ol' Slim's gotta have his buddy's girl

Oh yeah, ol' Slim thinks he's a wheel
Just wait, she'll give him a bad deal
Flyin' high, drinkin' dry, hey there's a deal
Hey Jim, younder comes Slim with my gal
Let 'em go, I don't care now anyway
Just it's odd that ol' Slim done me this way
Comin' down the street, holdin' hands with my gal
I thought that ol Slim was my pal
Hey Jim, look at that good lookin' blond goin' there boy
I'll be seein' you...

First recorded as "HEY SLIM" in 1955, Jack had the names mixed up on that recording. Part of the second verse was left out in the 1956 recording, later issued as "HEY JIM".

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