Hey! Hey! Good Lookin

Hey! Hey! Good Lookin'

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays

(Vernon - Foster - Sanders - Black - Stroud - Humphreys, Chiswick CHIS-3, 1982)

Let me tell you boys, about a girl I know
Built like a beauty queen from head to toe
Pretty blond hair, sky-blue eyes
Man, I'm tellin' you, she can hypnotize

Hey! Hey! Good lookin'
Ho! Ho! Good lookin'
Hey, good lookin', you're the one for me
(You're the one, the one for me)

Well, she drives me loony, right out of my mind
I feel dizzy all the time
'Cause the way she wiggles, when she walks
Is second only to her giggle, when she talks


Well, she dresses like a model in clothes real fine
She wears perfume, name of Rubenstein
See her smile, you lose the blues
Man, she'll have you blowing a fuse


Well, she comes on like a hurricane storm
You ain't seen nothing like her, since the day you were born
Now come on, admit it! She's really neat
Ab-o-solutely compleet!

Well, some things are just meant to be
I belong to her and she belongs to me
Now I have a message for all my friends
Lay off this girl or it's a sticky end

[Chorus 2x]

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