Honey Hides The Bottle - The Spunyboys

Honey Hides The Bottle

The Spunyboys

(, "Rockabilly Legacy", 2013)

From friday night to monday morning
There's no deal, nobody's watching
I walk the line when I get home
If I cheat once, I'll be lonesome

Honey hides, hides the bottle
Every monday evening
Honey hides the bottle
When the week's a starting
Honey hides, hides, hides
Honey hides the bottle
Hides, hides the bottle
When the week's a starting

I know she's right so I shake her hand
There's a rule that I can't bend
Can't drain no bottle alone at home
If I seek around, I won't get some


Everytime I don't wanna stroll
She put the blame on alcohol
Got hangover & we go to the movies
I ain't gonna find tonight the four roses


I feel just like a baby boy
Who can't play with his favorite toy
I don't mind cause I love her so
Whatever she'd ask I'd never say no


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