Baby Blue - Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

Baby Blue

Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

(Gene Vincent - Bobby Jones, CAPITOL 3959, 1958)

Well, I got a brand new lover
I love her, yes I do
She's my one and only
And her name is Baby Blue

Baby-baby-baby-blue, yeah
Baby-baby-baby-blue, well

Well, when I met my baby
I said, how do you do
She looked into my eyes and said
My name is Baby Blue

Well now, baby-baby-baby
Baby-baby-baby-blue, oh-oh
Baby-baby-baby-blue, now-now-now-now

Well, I know my baby loves me
I know that she'll be true
I'm sure of this each time
I look into her eyes of blue

Well now, baby-baby-baby
Baby-baby-baby-blue, yeah

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