Honky Tonk Gal - Carl Perkins

Honky Tonk Gal

Carl Perkins

(C. Perkins, Sun, 1954)

It took a light from a honky tonk
Put the beam in your eye
It took a record from a jukebox
And it bid my gal goodbye
And now she's gone, honky tonk gal
Oh, she said she didn't love me
She didn't care no more
She'd rather spend her life now
On a honky tonk hardwood floor
But I'll be gone, honky tonk gal

Someday you'll come back cryin'
Someday you will be blue
And that mean ol' honky tonkin' life
Will get the best off you
But I'll be gone, honky tonk gal
Lord, I stand right up and tell you
I sit right down and cry
Sweetheart if you should leave me now
I know I'll lay and die
And I'll be gone, honky tonk gal

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