Hot Rod Ride To The Moon - Hi-fly Rangers

Hot Rod Ride To The Moon

Hi-fly Rangers

(Vesa Haaja, GOOFIN', 2006)

I'm gonna pack my rocket and fly to the planet mars
There's a view out there and a spot for gazing the stars
Well, if you'd like to get off, just take me by the hand
Well, I'm a loving kind, easy going, universal man

Well, I take you out the places, to where you've never been
And I show you the moon and stars you've never seen
Step into my rocket and I'll take you anywhere
Pluto, venus, you name it, I don't care

Well, we're gonna blast it off, we're gonna take a ride
Where the sky is black and the stars shine bright
The engine roars, we're gonna be there soon,
We're gonna rev it up, we're on a hot rod ride to the moon

Well, the countdown is on, we wonder what the people say
When we're zooming up the sky, and drag down the milky way
Well, the plugs are sparking, and now the twin-pipes blow
I'm gonna hit the floor, this is it we're on the go

Yeah, we're gonna blast it

Yeah, we're gonna blast it

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