How'd Ya Do

Sherman Scott

(Stanley - Scott, Freedom 44009, 1959)

My friend and I was partyin' at the edge of town
I saw a pretty little girl that looked up and down
I said girl how'd ya do, I'd like to know
Oh how'd ya do, oh how'd ya do
Well my friend he told me I didn't have a chance
But I knew this chick was a-ready to romance
I said well how'd ya do, come dance with me
Oh how'd ya do, come dance with me

Well we got acquainted and we went outside
We got in my car and we went for a ride
I said well how'd ya do with a big embrace
A big embrace, she slapped my face

Well my friend was waitin' at the dance for me
I turned my face so he couldn't see
He said well how'd ya do, you're back alone
Oh how'd ya do, I took her home
And you were right, we had a fight
That's all right, I did what's right
That's all tonight

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