Hush Money - The Collins Kids

Hush Money

The Collins Kids

(O'Neal, COLUMBIA 21470, 1955)

Now my little brother is clever as can be
And what his little heart desires he always gets from me
We go to the movies each Saturday night
Then he cuddles kind of close when they turn down the light
I want some hush money or daddy's gonna know
I saw you kissin' Johnny at that movie show
I want some hush money to buy a chocolate cone
I was peakin' by a pilar when you thought you were alone

While sittin' in the porchway just the other night
My boyfriend said he loved me and then I squeezed him tight
We thought we were alone except for the moon
Then there comes little brother with his money tune
I want some hush money to buy myself a pie
Or I'm a-tellin' daddy what I saw last night
I want some hush money or I'm a-gonna tell
I saw you kissin' Johnny down by the well

We parked by the roadside ten miles from my home
He asked me to marry him, we thought we were alone
I told him that I loved him and said I'd be his wife
Then here comes little brother ridin' on his bike
I want some hush money to be your brother-in-law
Or I'm a-tellin' daddy everything I saw
I want some hush money and everything's okay
You see I'm just a little boy and I always get my way

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