Hypnotized - The Magnetics


The Magnetics

(J. Poskin, Rollin' Rock, 1980)

She got eyes so blue they hipnotize
When she walks she makes me go paralized
When she talks I'm goin' numb over the phone
But she's the one that I love and I'm not alone
But she's the one that I love and I'm not alone

Hipnotized (with those eyes)
Those cool, cool eyes, I'm mesmerized
(I'm a paralized)
She's the only one for me
She's the only thing I see
She's the only one for meeeee

She got talks so full of tantalize
When she snaps I drop right down to size
Well, when I ask her to go out on a date
I always pick her up and she doesn't wait
I always take her home and I'm never late


Well now you've heard what she has cost
You can chalk me up as another one lost
She's got my soul all figured out
But I love her so without a doubt
And she's got me trapped, there ain't no way out


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