I Ain

I Ain't Getting Rid Of You

Tommy Sands

(T. Sands - A. Dewar - D. Lampert, CAPITOL 4160, 1959)

No-no-no-no baby, I ain't gettin' rid of you
No baby, that's the last thing I'd do
'Cause when I been runnin' around, you'll plea
Baby, I'll always come runnin' back to you

Oh-no-no-no baby, I ain't never gonna let you down
No baby, don't you listen to that 'round town
'Cause baby, they're only tryin' to fool you
Fool you, fool you, fool you 'bout puttin' me down

Oh-no-no-no baby, I don't need to leave you sittin' alone
No-no baby, I tried to reach you on the telephone
But all night long there was a-no answer
No answer baby, you sure you was at home

No-no-no-no baby, no! I ain't gettin' rid of you
No-no baby, just ain't no gettin' rid of me
Well, I will stop all of my cheatin' on you
Baby, if you will only stop cheatin' on me

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