I Dig - The Screamers

I Dig

The Screamers

(The Screamers, KAY BANK 1519, 1959)

I dig the way you hold me
I dig the way you squeeze me tight
I dig the way you're dancing
When we're rocking at the house of blue lights
Now listen to me baby
Oh oh, you know you're all right

I dig the way you stroll me
I dig the way you rock me too
I dig the way you dig me
And I'm never gonna make you blue
Now, don't you ever doubt me
Oh oh, you know I'll be true

Well, all the fellows tell me and I have to agree
You're the finest thing that's ever happened to me
I wanna tell you baby like a honest man
From now on I'll be your loving man

I dig you when you kiss me
I dig you when we're all alone
I dig you pretty baby
And I really want you for my own
Don't keep your love a secret
Oh oh, please let it be known

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