I Don

I Don't Know Why

Rhythm' Train

(Urs Odermatt, 2006)

I don't know why, why I've hurt you
I don't know why, I'm mean to you
I don't know why, my love is gone
But I know that I'm leavin' you

I made you smile, but I was sad
I made you laugh, but I could cry
I can't keep on, trying to please you
Well, I am sick and tired of your ways

I don't know why, our love has died
I don't know why, we've drifted apart
I don't know why, feelings are gone
But I know that I'm leavin' you

It's really sad, to break your heart
Every tear that falls, cuts like a knife
I should just go, leave you alone
Go on my way and don't look back

I don't know why, I have to wander
I don't know why, I always stray
I don't know why, I'm never happy
I have to roam and be on my own

Courtesy of Urs Odermatt

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