I Don

I Don't Need You No More

The Rumblers

(Jones - Kelishes - Kirkland - Lloyd - Matteson, DOT 16421, 1962)

Well, a little while ago you cheated on me
Well now, pretty mama, as you can see
I found someone new just the other night
Well, someone who loves me and treats me right

I don't need you no more
Well, you can walk out that door
Well, I don't need you no more
So baby, just you leave me alone

Well, you told me you love me and you said you'd be true
And then without a reason, well, you said we were trough
But for a short while I wished I was dead
But now, pretty baby, I repeat what you said


Well, leave me alone
I said leave me alone
Well, walk out that door
Yeah, now leave me alone
Well, leave me alone
'cause baby , I don't want you no more

Well, leave me alone
I said, leave me alone
Ah, come on baby, leave me alone now
I don't need you no more baby
I don't wat you no more
Alright honey, leave me alone

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