I Guess It

I Guess It's Meant That Way

Pat Cupp

(Cupp, Rollin' Rock 009)

You may leave me now they say
But you gonna come back someday
I guess it's meant that way
Yeah now, everybody knows that you're leavin'
Everybody knows I must be grievin'
I guess it's meant that way
Well you spent you're time makin' me blue
And all the time I was true to you
One of these days you gonna live alone
Come back, I won't be home
You left once before
And came back knockin' on my door
I guess it's meant that way
You never tell me what I do wrong
You just stop and leave me singin' this song
I guess it's meant that way
Yes it's happened before and I tried to be good
But I guess I didn't do something I should
I guess it's meant that way

You're doin' me wrong and I never complain
Now I won't be around to hear you explain
I guess it's meant that way
Oh, I'm gettin' tired of bein' pushed around
It's over now and I'm leavin' this town
I guess it's meant that way

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