I Want That - Billy

I Want That

Billy 'crash' Craddock

(Lewis - Weisman, COLUMBIA 4-41536, 1959)

Got a crazy wiggle and a ponytail
Crazy little giggle of a wild female
Got me on the prowl like an old tomcat
Can't you hear me holler mama, I want that

I want that!
Yeah-yeah-yeah, I want that!

Everytime we're kissin' and I feel your touch
Feel myself a-shakin' coz I thrill so much
Ain't too skinny and she ain't too fat
Just the way I like her mama, I want that

I want that!
Yeah-yeah-yeah, I want that!

You can keep your Long Tall Sally
And you can keep your Jenny Lee
You can take your pick, of any old chick
But leave that lovin' baby for me

Everybody knows how I feel about you
The whole school knows that my love is true
Told everybody in the history class
That I want you and the feelin' will last

Next verse added by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

No matter baby what, but I can guarantee
Before the night is over you'll belong to me
Wanna dim the lights and baby, that'll be that
I'll have you honey, coz I want that!

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