I Was A Teen-age Caveman - Randy Luck

I Was A Teen-age Caveman

Randy Luck

(R. Luck, ART 170, 1958)

I was walking from my cave with a club in my hand
When I saw a pretty girl sitting on the sand
I grabbed her by the hair and I kissed her hard
Then I slapped her around and I laughed real loud

She told me that she loved me and this made me feel fine
So I hit her again, then I asked her to be mine
She admired my strength and she gave me a kiss
She said, there's something about your fist that I can't resist

Now, I liked her very much, so I asked her for a date
She said, okay, but I can't stay out late
I asked her, how come? As I swung my club around
And I dragged her away without any delay

We were admiring the moon and the stars up above
When suddenly something gave me a shove
Here mother had come in a tremendous rage
I told her, shut your mouth and act your age

She didn't stop a-blabbing, so I gave her a sock
Then I hit her on the head with a great big rock
She stopped all her gabbing and went quietly asleep
It was very-very nice of her to be so sweet

Now, I protect my girl from any kind of harm
And the admires my brains, the way I handle my arm
Her mother loves me now and is very good to me
I'm a caveman, madam, and that's the way I'm gonna be

This is the beast in me
Men admire me
Women long for me
I'm a teenage caveman

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