I'm A Wreck

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-fonis

(Deke Dickerson, HIGHTONE, 1999)

Well, I just met a woman
Who's a natural born surprise
Just looking at her figure
Scares the whites of off my eyes
This little girl is something
Out of a magazine
When she's walking with a wiggle
Listen you can hear them scream
Lawdy I'm a wreck
When I'm with her I can't even lead her back
This loving's gonna kill me
I'm a wreck, 'cause she keeps me up all night
Up all night, yeah!

Well, I called in sick to work
Told my boss a fib or two
That I had the miseries
But I had the loving flu
My body's doing fine
But my mind is shot to heck
My girl's got a prescription
To keep a man a wreck
Lawdy I'm a wreck
I'm as sorry as a drunk out on the street
I can't get no work done
I'm a wreck, 'cause the girl's so doggone sweet
So sweet, whoa!

Lawdy I'm a wreck
Like a turkey double gobbling in the tree
This woman's got me cootered
I'm a wreck, who's wobbling week in the knee
Week in the knee
Week in the knee

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