I'm Coming Home

Johnny Horton

(Horton - Franks, Columbia 40813, 1957)

Get your face all pretty and your hair done right
'Cause we gonna do the town tonight
I'm coming into town and right on time
Still got your ]ovin' on my mind

I'm a-coming home, I gotta make some love
I'm a-coming home, sweet turtle-dove
I'm a-coming home, to make sweet love to you

Well I see down the road there's a big truck-stop
They got a pretty little waitress with a carrot top
She's pretty as a doll, pretty as can be
But don't you worry honey, she ain't nothing to me


Well I came to a hill and the truck lugged down
Pulled it in low and she's huggin' the ground
Scratchin' gears, but I'm goin' again
I'm coming home baby, I'm a-doggin' it in


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