Baby Sue - The Taildraggers

Baby Sue

The Taildraggers

(P. Snijders, RARITY C192731, 2003)

Hey Baby Sue, what makes you do the things you do
Hey Baby Sue, can't you see that I'm for you
You better stop your trifling round on me
Tell me pretty baby, now can't you see
And if I knew, I would never be true to you

Gonna scream and shout and tell the world about,
Baby Sue
You know she's the one, who never ever can be true
Well, we're going to a dance or a sock hop ball
Where's my pretty baby, she's a havin' a ball
Hey Baby Sue, what makes you do the things you do

Hey Baby Sue, I'm telling you we're through
Hey Baby Sue, why did you have to make me blue
Well, you better stop wearing that trifling suit
Tell the other guys that you're no good
Well, if I knew, I would never ever ever be true

I'm gonna scream and shout...

Courtesy of Pascal Snijders

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