I've Got Love If You Want It

Warren Smith

(James Moore, Sun 286, 1957)

I got love if you want it, I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it, got you love if you want it
I got love if you want it
We can rock a while, we can rock a while
Quit teasin' me baby, quit teasin' me baby
You fine lookin' thing, you fine lookin' thing
If you let me love you
I'll be your lovin' man, I'll be your lovin' man

I'm a king bee baby, I'm a king bee baby
Buzzin' round your hide, buzzin' round your hide
I can make honey, let me come inside, let me come inside

Now here you come baby, now here you come baby
With your head hung down, with your head hung down
I know you been ballin'
It's all over town, it's all over town

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