Ice Cold - Restless

Ice Cold


(Mark Harman, ABC 12" EP, 1987)

Last night, the way you moved your body up to mine
Well, now you wanna leave me ice cold
Ice cold, ice cold, ice co-o-o-old

That's it, the guys who hang around you just won't stick
Do you want a warmer guy who's ice cold?
Ice cold, ice cold, ice co-o-o-old

Look at me, I'm nearly down on my knees
Baby hear my plea, I'm ice cold
Ice cold, ice cold, ice co-o-o-old

Freezin' me out into sub zero
You're takin' me down where it's twenty below
Baby, you got me ice cold
Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold...

Last night (last night)
The way you move your body up to mine (mine, mine)
But there's no need to leave me ice cold (cold, cold)
Ice cold, ice cold, ice co-o-o-old, ice cold

These words differ slightly from the original version which was
released on the album "Why Don't You Just Rock" (Nervous, 1982)

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