Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes - Doug Powell

Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes

Doug Powell

(Cohen - Elkin - Sinsheimer - Powell, TIP TOP 713, 1958)

I saw you rockin' on that show
And all the cats were saying go, go, go
I must admit that you were realy the most
On television from coast to coast
The kids in Philly, all began to swing
And my heart went ding-a-ling-a-ling

Oh, Jeannie
Oh, Jeannie
Oh, Jeannie
Jeannie with the dark blue eyes

When Ricky Nelson's record, started to rock
I turned around and you were doing the bop
I switched my T.V. set to channel no 2
Just to get a better look at you
I picked you up from way down in Savanagh
From the station way up in Atlanta


Nobody else can do the bop like you can
I bet your daddy was a swinging man
You really shake it when you flip your hips
You got my poor heart doing flips
Oh, oh, oh, me-oh-my
Oh, oh, oh, sweetie pie


[Repeat first 2 verses]

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