Jimmy, Mickey And Me - Jerry Lee Lewis

Jimmy, Mickey And Me

Jerry Lee Lewis

(, )

It Was The Whiskey Talkin' Not Me'
(Session - Jan 30, 90-Feb 01, 90)
Jimmy - Jimmy Swaggard (cousin)
Mickey - Mickey Gilley (cousin)


Well, I was raised in Ferriday, L'ousiana, a small town about 5,000 people. 30,000 now, I believe it's now, boy there's been a lot of fucking since I left it!

Me and Jimmy Swaggard and Mickey Gilley, three outlaws.
Now me and Jimmy, we robbed every store in town.
Jewelry stores and all, ha-ha-ha.
I took 'em all over here to the um, old saw mill, ha.
Me and Jimmy.
Mickey was scared in his eyes out
And-um, that night I snuck back over and stole it back.

Take the and sold it
And about three months ago I told Jimmy about it and he got very upset. He said, 'You know somethin, I always figured you did that'.

It just goes to show you, son
You ain't as smart as you think!
It just goes to show you, boy
You don't look like you're big as you think

I know you're shoutin' the victory
And I'm tryin' my best, to pass the test
The pain, Me an' poor old Mickey (ha-ha-ha)
We're doin' our best

I know you got on his ass about puttin' his a name on beer, and his face, too.
They offered me a pretty good deal, too.
Yeah, I turned it down, it'd only a-burned you up.
I didn't wanna do that.

(Jerry plays piano and asks)

There was already a tag on this amp was there?
That was another one

It would be a sin
Though you gave away my heart, dear
Still the beatings there within
Though you take away my money
Honey, that's a god-damned sin!

Would be the sin, oh
To love you like I do
Jimmy said it was
But girl, you sure know how to screw!

And though you take away my heart, dear
That old beating still remains
When you take away my Rolls Royce
You and IRS can kiss my ass again
Form a suit, hum a tune, stand on a
That ain't no sin

(laughter from studio guys)

(Jerry asks)
I'm a creative mother fucker, ain't I?

(Guys answer)
Yeah, you are!
Hum a few bars of Breathless, for me one time


(Man asks)
Hum a few bars of Breathless a for me one time.

(Man repeats)
Hit a few bars of Breathless for me one time

[Track ends]

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