Jitterbug Judy - The Starlight Drifters

Jitterbug Judy

The Starlight Drifters

(The Starlight Drifters, )

There's a little girl that the guys all know
She likes to be seen at the rockin' show
Her name is Judy and she loves the jitterbug
A real gone girl, makes you cut up the rug

Well, a jitter, a jitter, a jitterbug Judy
Sidecar-flip, she knows how to do it
A jatter, a jatter, my teeth start to chatter
She really makes me nervous but it just doesn't matter

Swingin' all night, that's the way it went
All the other boys, well they got bent
Time is a-kickin' and the creeps are closin' in
A jitterbug Judy, let's show 'em the base

Well you can do the alligator or the lindy-hop
The bad macarena or the Georgia Slop
She just sits there, she won't dance
If you can't jitterbug, you don't stand a chance

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