Just Love - The Taildraggers

Just Love

The Taildraggers

(P. Snijders, RARITY C192731, 2003)

Come on little mama, come along with me
Why am I so desperately
Forty miles down and I'm all alone
Draggin' with this heart of stone

Just love, Just love
Love is all of what we have

All I think about your heart of gold
Chasin' rocks on a hardwood floor
Comin' down the middle at a interstate
Makin' speed I can't be late

Just love, Just love....

Why am I so desperately
Only love now, can't you see
Come on baby close your eyes
In my heart it's paradise, just love.

Love is like the sands of time
Try to run when you walk the line
Come on pretty mama, gimme all you got
I think of times when we were hot

Courtesy of Pascal Snijders

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