Kuk - The Astronauts


The Astronauts

(B. Demmon, R. Fifield, J. Gallagher, D. Lindsey, J. Patterson, RCA 47-8194, 1963)

Well, I went to the beach just the other day
I saw a pretty girl and I wanted to say
Come on baby go surfin' with me
But I didn't know a thing about the sea

I thought I'd take a chance so I walked her away
I didn't know exactly what' I'd say
When all at once, it was a sight to see
She started whippin' surfin' terms on me

Banzai, pipeline, shootin' the curl
Ten toes over, man he's caught in a swirl
Everybody jumps and they point and shout
I wish I knew what they were talkin' about

I decided then I'd better be on my way
I said I'll see you later some other day
When out of the the blue I heard someone say
Move it over ho-dad, you're in my way

I was feelin' so bad as I walked down the shore
I saw two surfers and the both looked sore
And as I passed them I heard one roar
Some ugly kind of gremmie put a dinghy in my board

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