Ball That Jack - Josie Kreuzer

Ball That Jack

Josie Kreuzer

(J. Kreuzer, She Devil, 1996)

Ball that jack (let her go!)
60 miles an hour is much too slow
got my hand on the wheel
got my foot on the floor
and my hotrod's yellin' more more more!
Sayin' ball that jack, man let her go!

Take it on the highway, take it real fast
70, 80, 90 till we're out of gas
lookin' out for the highway patrol
cause man my foot is losin' control
sayin' ball that jack, man let her go!

See another hotrod stopped at the light
when the light turns green I'm out of sight
I'm a hotrod girl who's ready to roll
and I'm gonna drag race till the sun comes up
sayin' ball that jack, man let her go!

(Repeat chorus)

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