The Letter - The Medallions

The Letter

The Medallions

(Vernon Green, DOOTONE 347, 1954)

Darling, darling, oh how I love you, really do
But you just, just won't be true

Darling, I'm writing this letter
Knowing that you ain't never read it
But each time I write you darling
I pen what lips can't say
Because I love you, although you're so far away
My words caremily* that love alone can't tell
I always hope and wish you well
Oh my darling, please hear my plea, please

Darling, what is there worse on this earth
Then to be unable to stop lovin' you
Knowing well that I should
To me a black day, to me a black night
To kiss and love, and then have to fight
All the time...
Let me whisper sweet words of pismotality*
And discuss the pompatus* of love
And put 'em together, and what've you have
Matrimony, oh my darling, please hear my plea

Oh darling, darling, oh how I love you, really do
But you just, just won't be true

(* words made up by Vernon Green)

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