Life Long Bound - The Barnshakers

Life Long Bound

The Barnshakers

(Vesa Haaja, GOOFIN' GRCD 6109)

Mmm, I still can see her shadow on the door
Crying: "please don't do that anymore"
But I grabbed that big ol' hammer and gave her one more round
I bet I won't be leaving, I'm a life long bound

Mmm, my mama told me: "son, the lucky stars
Won't be shining through these prison bars"
I just don't know what got in me when I strangled my dear ol' ma
Now we're life long bound, just me and my guitar

Mmm, they told I'm guilty and the judge agreed:
"Murder, twice, and the level first degree"
I dashed behind his table and hit him with a ball and chain
I'm life long bound, guilty and quite insane

The barber came to visit to cut my hair
They say it's better to be bold when you sit in an electric chair
I took his scissors quietly and heard that striking sound
I don't say I'm guilty, I'm just a life long bound

Courtesy of Vesa Haaja, The Barnshakers

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