Lipstick, Powder And Paint - Big Joe Turner

Lipstick, Powder And Paint

Big Joe Turner

(Jesse Stone, 1956)

There goes my babe up a tree
Gigglin' and wigglin' her toes at me
Let me put my glasses on...
I have such fun since she's been gone

Hound dog scratchin' fleas
Lookin' like she's in love with me
Licks my hand everywhere i go...
I wish my babe loved me so

Taller than the barnyard, ten feet high,
Hide me till your man pass by
Don't you sneeze and don't you cough...
If you get dusty i'll brush you off

What kind of love is that you make
The world starts a-tremblin' and the buildings shake
Love me and hug me once again...
Let the roof and the walls come tumblin' in

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