Ballin' Keen

Bob & Terry Caraway

(Bob & Terry Caraway, Crest 1065, 1959)

Now down in the state of Tennessee
There's a real cool cat called Ballin' Keen
He likes to rock an' he likes to roll
He's got rockin' in his soul

Well last Saturday night about twelve o'clock
Down on the corner they's startin' to rock
Ballin' Keen was havin' a ball
Swing 'em short an' swing 'em tall

Then Bulldog Johnny come strollin' in
Six feet six an' he ain't no friend
Kicked off a shoe an' he knocked out a light
He said, move out cats there's gonna be a fight

Well Bulldog Johnny sorta cased the place
An' he looked old Ball right square in the face
Ballin' Keen was a-holdin' the ground
He said, me or you, one is leavin' town

Then the lights went out and they had a fight
Everybody wondered what happened that night
Nobody saw what was goin' on
When the lights come on Bulldog was gone

Now down in the state of Tennessee
There's the strangest legend that you ever did see
Nobody knows the answer 'cause nobody seen
Nobody 'cept ol' Ballin' Keen

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