Little Fellow - Catslappin

Little Fellow

Catslappin' Chrissy

(Martijn van Nimwegen, CATSLAPPIN' RECORDS, 2007)

Hey little fellow, whatcha doin' to my heart
It's gone insane and you don't even know you're givin'
But you give
Unconditional love

The very first time I held you in my arms
There was something that I knew
Someday... there's gonna be a day I'm gonna write
I'll write a song about you, yeah


I love your funny walks, I love your funny talks
And the sight of you asleep
Even... when you're a naughty boy, I can't resist
Cause my love is so deep, yeah



Watchin' you grow each single day
Makes me feel that I'm alive
Playin'... and doin' things you like, you gotta know
That all completes my life


Hey hey hey little fellow
Hey hey hey little fellow
Hey hey hey little fellow
Hey hey hey little fellow
Hey little fellow, keep on messin' with my heart

Courtesy of Charles Verrijt

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