Ballroom Baby - Dick Lory

Ballroom Baby

Dick Lory

(Dick Glasser, DOT 15496, 1956)

My little ballroom baby
You're as pretty as you can be
Your pleasure leaves a smile into winklin' eyes
Or even mighty darn high with gleam

My little ballroom baby
My little ballroom baby
My little ballroom baby
Come along and dance with me

When I take you in my arms
And we glide across the floor
Well, I hate to hear that music stop
I wanna dance with you some more


My little ballroom baby
You're the apple of my eye
Your ruby red lips and shakily hips
Are teasin' all the other guys


When I look into my future
Do you know just what I see
I see the cutest little ballroom baby
And she's fallin' in love with me


Dick Lory also recorded under his real name Dick Glasser

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