Little Queenie - Chuck Berry

Little Queenie

Chuck Berry

(Chuck Berry, Chess 1722, 1959)

I got lumps in my throat
When I saw her comin' down the aisle
I got the wiggles in my knees
When she lloked at me and sweetly smiled
There she is again
Standin' over by the record machin
Lookin' like a model on the cover of a magazine
She's too cute to be a minute over seventeen
Meanwhile I is thinkin'

She's in the mood, no need to break it
I got a chance, I oughtta take it
If she'll dance, we can make it
Come on, queenie, let's shake it

Go, go, go, little queenie
Go, go, go, little queenie
Go, go, go, little queenie

If this is a slow song, we'll omit it
if this is a rocker, that'll get it
And if it's good, she'll admit it
Come on, queenie let's get with it

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