Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts) - Br5-49

Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)


(Chuck Mead, ARISTA RECORDS 18818-2, 1996)

Remember when we hung in the low places in 1979
We used to think that it mattered to the man with the money
Where we spent our time
Well, I knew a little gal with a mohawk hairdo
a chain around her neck
But you'd never recognize her if you saw her now
She done something that you'd never expect

She done traded in her Docs for kicker boots
Safety-pinned tee shirts for Manuel Suits
Her hair's grown out and it's piled up high
She only shows her tattoos one at a time
She ain't ashamed of the way she was
She hears ol' Hank, she can't get enough
Her punk rock records are gathering dust
'Cause little Ramona's gone hillbilly nuts

Thrashin' dancin' still out there, the bodies piled high
She used to mosh in pit with the best of them
You could see those elbows fly
Well, now she's drinking Blue Ribbon and jitterbuggin'
To the honky-tonkin' beat
Get that line dance outta here man
Give her room to move her feet


You see her in thrift stores everywhere
Hardly ever at a shopping mall
She acts just as tough as she always did
She just looks a little country, that's all
She's got Emmylou, Patty Smith on a 90-minute cassette
'Cause where do you go after the end of the world
When you still ain't been there yet?


Little Ramona's gone hillbilly nuts
Little Ramona's gone hillbilly nuts

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