Loneliness Of A Star - Ral Donner With The Starfires

Loneliness Of A Star

Ral Donner With The Starfires

(Donner - Hutchins, TAU 105, 1963)

Another show, another day
And more and more, in every way
I realize, what I saw from a far
Was the loneliness of a star

At first the path seems so bright
They gathered 'round
To see the sight of my new clothes, my shiny car
They brought the loneliness of a star

I try so hard to make them see
That they were just like me
But all the want is my name
And when they get it, they walk away

I worked so hard to climb the hill
Now I'm up there and yet and still
My only friend is my guitar
I know the the loneliness of a star
Loneliness of a star...

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