Loonabilly Rock

Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

(Bob Burgos - Ray Neale, )

Also issued as:

(Bob Burgos - Ray Neale)
SHOTGUN (KING ED 10-04, 1995)

Loonabilly rock, loonabilly roll
Loonabilly stomp, 'cause it's loony rock 'n' roll

Loonabilly, loonabilly, oh, oh ,oh
Loonabilly, loonabilly, oh, oh ,oh
Loonabilly rock, loonabilly roll
Loonabilly, loonabilly, rock 'n' roll

You clap your hands in the air
Sends a rhythm to your feet
You do the boogie woogie
To the loonabilly beat


Makes you jump off the ground
Spin an' clown around
You do the boogie woogie
For the second time around


Also recorded by Wild Bob Burgos, "A Lifetime Of Rockin'" (Old Rock records, 2006)

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