Louie, Louie - Richard Berry

Louie, Louie

Richard Berry

(Richard Berry, FLIP 321, 1957)

Louie, Louie, well, well
Me gotta go, mm-mmm
Louie, Louie, what'd I say
Me gotta go

Mm-well, fine little girl
She waiting for me
Me catch the ship for cross the sea
Me sail the ship now all alone
Me never think me make it home

And Louie, Louie, well-well-well
Me gotta go, I say now
Mm Louie, Louie, well-well-well
Me gotta go, mmm

Three nights and days me sail the sea
Me think of girl now constantly
And on the ship, I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hair

And Louie, Louie
What'd I say, what'd I say
That me gotta go, mm-mmm
Louie, Louie, oh well-well-well
Me gotta go

Let me tell you
Me see Jamaica, the moon above
And it won't be long, me see my love
Me take her in my arms and then
Me tell her I will never leave again

And Louie, Louie
I said now-now
Me gotta go, mm-mmm
Louie, Louie
I said now, me gotta go
Well, well, me gotta go
Sing it, sing it, sing it
Me gotta go
Well-well-well, me gotta go
I say now
Me gotta go

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