Love Charms - Ray Stanley

Love Charms

Ray Stanley

(Ray Stanley, Zephyr 70022, 1957)

I'm gonna buy some love charms to get you in my arms
I'm gonna buy some love charms to get you in my arms
Everytime I'm wavin' in a-your direction
I'm gonna win your love and effection
I'd like to bet ya, I'm gonna get ya with my love charms

The first charm's gonna be a heart
A heart that won't be broken
The next charm's gonna be a love seat
Where sweet words can be spoken
The third charm must be a pair of lips
That's only meant for me
The fourth charm's gonna be the month and day
When the wedding day will be

The fifth charm's gonna be a bar of steel
To keep our loving strong
The sixth charm's gonna be a little white dove
To make peace when things go wrong
The seventh charm's gonna be a good luck charm
To last our lifetime through
String 'em on a bracelet and a one, two, three
They will bring my love to you

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