Lover's Hell

Merle Kilgore

(Merle Kilgore, MERCURY 71918, 1962)

I've been walking in the valley
Where the sun never shines
And all that I thought of
Was your love on my mind
And the people that I talked to
Have the same story to tell
They were grieving a lost love
And the land lover's hell

Well, they took me to a building
And on the walls and ceilings too
I saw carved in marble
Every harsh word I said to you
So they showed me a vision
What I saw I'll never tell
Darling, darling please forgive me
Take me out of lover's hell

I awoke from this bad dream
I just got to get to you
Please, please don't leave me
I'm sorry I said we're through
Don't you know I still love you
With these tears can't you tell
Darling, darling I'm so sorry
Take me out of lover's hell
Please, please forgive me
Take me out of lover's hell
Take me out of lover's hell

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