Mad Cow - Boppin

Mad Cow

Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang

(Pete NÄsman - Johnny Flight, THE FOOL MUSIC, 2002)

She heard from the late night news that it's unhealthy to eat
Lard, fish, patty, poultry, all kind of death meat
Vegetarians, she rant and rave, are more sane and stronger
They diet, feel good, are happy and too, live longer
Her boring life by the pots of meat was away in a twink
Elephants and rats nothing else but shocking pink

Remember that
Life ain' t too bad
Remember that
If we don't have cows mad
Who only eat hays
In their mad moo ways

She realized all, ozone, rainforests and greenhouse effect
Seeds, grains, pasta, soy, beans, brown rice, as a sect
Be kind to all animals expect crab louses, mosquitoes and fleas
Heart attack and cancer the results of beef teas
No drinks, cigars at all, only pop tiny vitamin pills
Really, I thought it's the life that finally kills

Meat is the root of all evil and terror preach the puffer
Herbs as parsley and dill, are you sure they ever suffer
Cucumber, eggplant and beef tomatoes, cut the throat
Slaughter and the election cattle in the same sinking boat
How you explain excellence of veggies to carnivorous plant
I'm afraid it sure have it's own and inhuman slant

Courtesy of Boppin' Pete

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