Mama This One

Mama This One's For You

Jerry Lee Lewis

(Ray Griff, ELECTRA RECORDING, 1971)

I'm singin' it, mama
This one's for you
Mama, this one was written for you, mom
For everything ya done

I'm not much at cards and letters
Calling on the phone
Livin' where I do, it ain't so easy
For Jerry Lee to get to back home

I'm a singin' it, mama
Oh, this one's for you
Mama (mama)
I put my feelings in this song
So you could sing a long

Ya always like the sound of banjos
A-rinky-tinkiing of an old piano
Mama (mama) this one's for you

(Instrumental, piano, string & horns)

Oh, I'm singing for you, mama
This one's for you
Hey, mama (mama)
My mother's love in every single phrase
And every note they I play
You've got a weakness for harmony
A song that's got a pretty melody
So mama (mama) this one's for you

Hey, mama!
This one's for you

I love you, mama

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